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Random Industries - Selected Random Works Album

Random Industries - Selected Random Works Album

Performer: Random Industries
Title: Selected Random Works
Released: 2000
Cat#: RIT 15
Label: Ritornell
Country: Germany
Style: Experimental
Category: Electronic
Size MP3: 1208 mb
Size FLAC: 2626 mb


1Selected Random Work 060:34
2Selected Random Work 480:50
3Selected Random Work 090:25
4Selected Random Work 750:27
5Selected Random Work 260:44
6Selected Random Work 190:22
7Selected Random Work 590:37
8Selected Random Work 350:51
9Selected Random Work 650:25
10Selected Random Work 361:19
11Selected Random Work 510:38
12Selected Random Work 810:54
13Selected Random Work 710:41
14Selected Random Work 580:44
15Selected Random Work 760:44
16Selected Random Work 100:25
17Selected Random Work 720:38
18Selected Random Work 520:38
19Selected Random Work 640:37
20Selected Random Work 950:39
21Selected Random Work 930:36
22Selected Random Work 250:52
23Selected Random Work 691:10
24Selected Random Work 231:55
25Selected Random Work 880:57
26Selected Random Work 620:46
27Selected Random Work 280:19
28Selected Random Work 010:50
29Selected Random Work 780:34
30Selected Random Work 870:54
31Selected Random Work 290:56
32Selected Random Work 770:33
33Selected Random Work 860:46
34Selected Random Work 910:25
35Selected Random Work 181:45
36Selected Random Work 922:31
37Selected Random Work 430:28
38Selected Random Work 400:50
39Selected Random Work 560:43
40Selected Random Work 820:57
41Selected Random Work 271:08
42Selected Random Work 450:20
43Selected Random Work 340:29
44Selected Random Work 310:54
45Selected Random Work 170:51
46Selected Random Work 530:20
47Selected Random Work 370:32
48Selected Random Work 960:44
49Selected Random Work 120:29
50Selected Random Work 740:27
51Selected Random Work 040:27
52Selected Random Work 800:45
53Selected Random Work 701:00
54Selected Random Work 080:49
55Selected Random Work 031:02
56Selected Random Work 660:23
57Selected Random Work 320:47
58Selected Random Work 630:27
59Selected Random Work 380:36
60Selected Random Work 610:53
61Selected Random Work 900:27
62Selected Random Work 600:47
63Selected Random Work 140:26
64Selected Random Work 410:53
65Selected Random Work 550:44
66Selected Random Work 071:14
67Selected Random Work 941:04
68Selected Random Work 050:38
69Selected Random Work 200:46
70Selected Random Work 670:52
71Selected Random Work 890:20
72Selected Random Work 110:30
73Selected Random Work 241:20
74Selected Random Work 790:52
75Selected Random Work 440:28
76Selected Random Work 330:25
77Selected Random Work 471:04
78Selected Random Work 990:04
79Selected Random Work 211:07
80Selected Random Work 730:26
81Selected Random Work 220:58
82Selected Random Work 020:46
83Selected Random Work 390:51
84Selected Random Work 130:19
85Selected Random Work 851:01
86Selected Random Work 420:26
87Selected Random Work 970:29
88Selected Random Work 980:33
89Selected Random Work 830:25
90Selected Random Work 500:42
91Selected Random Work 570:56
92Selected Random Work 460:49
93Selected Random Work 680:54
94Selected Random Work 490:51
95Selected Random Work 841:01
96Selected Random Work 160:47
97Selected Random Work 540:30
98Selected Random Work 151:26
99Selected Random Work 300:20


  • CoverAlorenz Berlin
  • Liner NotesKim Cascone
  • Producer [Extracted By]Sebastian Meissner


You may play this CD on a random/shuffle position on your CD player.

Inspiration: Steve Reich, Jean-Claude Risset, James Tenney, Max Mathews.
Thanks: Achim Szepanski, Peter Fey, Laiki Kostis, Kim Cascone, Jacobia Dahm.

Extracted at Ostenzoo-Studios.

Made in France.
Fold-out cardboard packaging.


  • Label Code: LC 10585


  • Distributed By – EFA – EFA 14865-2


Well, when your artist name is Random Industries and the album is SELECTED RANDOM WORKS, then it's pretty safe to assume that there will be lots of randomness on display. And indeed, over the course of 99 tracks, none longer than 2 minutes, the mood shifts so rapidly that one never grabs onto a concrete musical line. Instead, the mind wanders, as one piece skips into the next. And what you're left with is a constellation of electronic sounds, clicks and blips littering the air, with the occasional long tone to marry the two. There are tantalizing bits, like the fragments of electronic harp of "18," the ringing of "30," the low thump of "47," or the moody thrums of "61." These musical fragments have the lifespan of a mayfly, and accumulated together like this, it's a swarm: perhaps annoying, but still admirable.
play this random and get lost in a fascinating soundscape of spectaculaire blips and strange sound .it is a dream for expiremental lovers over and over !
a great album to discover !

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